Welcome to the Fleischner Society’s educational repository of radiographic and CT images of patients diagnosed with COVID-19. We provide this on-line supplement to our published statement as an aid to familiarize the medical community with the typical imaging findings of COVID-19. There is a total of 35 cases: the first 25 are COVID-19 cases including 10 cases with serial studies and 2 cases in which the lung abnormalities were identified as incidental findings; cases #26 Р35 focus on the differential diagnosis of COVID-19 and include patients who may present with similar symptoms or are found to have similar findings on imaging.

Here are some tips to facilitate your review of the cases:

a. Chrome is the preferred browser.

b. Cases can be found using the “Cases” drop-down menu on the top right of screen

c. On the bottom left hand corner of each case, please find a that allows expansion of the case to full screen mode

d. On bottom right hand corner of each case, you will find buttons to advance (NEXT) or reverse (PREV) between slides

e. Each CT can be played in movie mode with stop/play functionality using the control bar found at the bottom of the CT image

f. Each CT can also be expanded to full screen mode using the expansion icon found on the far right of the control bar.

We hope that you will find this posted material of value during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.


Fleischner Society

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